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Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? You need to go to places off the beaten path to find pieces that no one else has. Picker's Antique Mall sells top-of-the-line antiques and vintage items in Sioux Falls, SD. Our antique store is known for our wide selection of items and our exceptional customer service. You'll feel like family as soon as you walk through our doors.



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Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture

Complete your interior design with a timeless piece.

Vintage Products

Vintage Products

Collect signs, jewelry and toys that remind you of years past.



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Feel at home in a local shop

Our store has been providing antiques and vintage pieces to Sioux Falls, SD for over four years. We've become a staple of the local community by offering unusual and impressive items alongside attentive customer service. Our staff is always happy to help you find specific items or navigate our aisles.

We stock items from over 40 renowned vendors. See them now by visiting our Vendors page.

Find your pièce de résistance

Are you searching for something specific? You might collect vintage dolls or need a new table for your dining room. You're sure to find something that brings you joy at our antique store. We sell:






Light fixtures


License plates

Sports memorabilia

Children's toys

Jewelry signs



Kitchen items

Plus, you'll see other items large and small that come from all places and eras. Ask about our antique furniture and vintage collectibles now by calling 605-498-9500.